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Laid flat Hands Entwined

Laid Flat hands entwined Life casts make a perfect display piece for a shelf or fireplace. People don’t hold hands in the same way. My grandparents didn’t sit or walk holding hands, but i often saw them sat in their chairs next to each other with my grandma’s hand rested on top of my grandad’s hand. This had more meaning and comfort to them.

The photo is of a cast taken straight out of the mold, i am currently working on this now and cannot wait to update you with the finished piece.



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Product Description

This laid flat hands entwined is a beautiful display and comes with:

# Hands Entwined

# Choice of colour to finish your life casts in

# Choice of base to mount your lifecast on

# Engraved plaque

We have a variety of bases and sizes to choose from.


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