Giving birth during covid 19
Are you due to give birth during the pandemic? Do you have any worries about how it will be? Do you want the truth from a first hand new mum? 
A lovely new mum has written this beautiful piece to share her experience with you all. I hope you find some comfort in her story. 
It’s been 11 days since your birth primrose and I’m only just able to digest your birth and think about the emotional rollercoaster that was the 24 hours leading up to you entering this world. 9 months ago I could of never imagined we would of been facing a world pandemic when we were due to welcome you into our arms, and I never thought I would of had to start that journey alone.
Friday the 1st of May I was told that I’d carried you for as long as my body was able, you’d reached full term and was becoming unhappy so they decided Tuesday you was to be induced. It was explained to me that I’d have to start this process alone and your daddy wasn’t allowed to come and support me until my waters had broken, this was for everyone’s safety including the incredible midwife team and other expectant mothers who were experiencing the same.
When I say I was beyond scared that was an understatement, the process was explained to me but nothing could of prepared me for the waves of emotions that came, 4pm arrived and your daddy dropped us off not knowing when he would be back. He was emotional having to walk away and leave his two girls there but it’s what was needed to be done.
We had the most incredibly kind midwife start off our induction and support us through those first 12 hours, then the slow labour started and mummy was in agony she sobbed for what felt like forever with your daddy on FaceTime that was the moment she realised she needed the physical support and your daddy’s comforting words. Your mum was in pain and completely terrified to be going through this with no familiar face nearby.
One midwife in particular helped your mummy more than she could of ever asked for, her name was Melissa and she was amazing. She sat with me and rubbed my hand and reassured me that I wasn’t alone. That I was doing amazing, she did everything in her power to make me comfortable. Ran me a bath and even got mummy her own room because the medicine made her sick and even though your mummy was sick on her several times she didn’t bat an eyelid.
At 6:10pm Wednesday your daddy was able to come and support your mum, while they attempted to pop her waters it was successful and daddy was able to stay until your birth. 10 and a half hours later you came into this world kicking and screaming, I couldn’t believe it I was in total shock that I’d actually grown a tiny human being and you were so perfect we couldn’t believe it. 
Within 20 minutes of your birth mummy was taken to theatre for some emergency surgery and she lost a lot of blood, the theatre team were amazing and talked your mum through the whole procedure. Two hours later we were all reunited and the kind team at the birth centre allowed us to stay together for as long as possible as we missed out on that crucial bonding time. They were amazing and so supportive and your daddy was even more unbelievable, he even held his breathe when I did to the point he had to sit down ??
You were the piece of us and our life that we didn’t even know we were missing and we will spend forever loving you ❤️
With all the craziness in the world we were made to feel incredibly safe and calm. We never once felt at risk, the midwifes and drs all wore correct PPE to keep us all safe and we were covid tested on arrival.
My biggest fear throughout this whole thing was going through it completely alone. But there was always someone there when I needed support, and I could FaceTime someone through out my stay on the induction suite.
Coming home we have only ventured out on daily walks around the park or local area avoiding all people, it has been incredibly hard and emotional that our family have only met our daughter through the window.
If after giving birth, you find yourself feeling isolated or needing additional support, please contact your midwife and/or health visitor. They can give you information on the support available to you during the pandemic.
Love to you all,
Dawn x